Drop shipping Is It Still Worth it in 2019

Do you even think of such things, like one of the largest e commerce business models will vanish so easily from the market?

The online shopping procedure that has made people earn thousands, millions of bucks by just sitting at home (with proper management and due diligence) is not going to disappear so easily. Let’s find out why and how? Starting with,

What is Drop shipping?

The wordily definition states drop shipping or drop surfing as a method by which a manufacturer , retailer or a merchant sells the product, they have or have not made, with the help of third party suppliers. The job of retailer is only to receive the order from the customers, rest of the supply chain management process is handled by the drop ship supplier.

shipping-delivery of products

The easy going process of drop surfing brings benefits to all the parties involved to some extent. Also, brings few setbacks like , sometimes the long shipping duration , low product quality , high cost goods and many more degrades the passion of the online business owner involved. But these issues can be solved with proper management and planning. Further the technology is changing day by day thus bringing drastic changes in the other realms of the world too. These changes will not only be limited to drop shipping but to every prevailing business of the world. Online shopping business owners cannot sit idle or stop working and only worry about such negligible things, when the best they can do is focus and work smart for future.

Moving into the agenda,

Does Drop shipping Work?

 In order to get into any type of conclusion of the aforementioned questions it is imperative for us to analyze different drop shipping methods that are still viable , research the name of the stores for drop shipping those are thriving well in their online dropshipping in India and abroad.

‘Never judge a book by its cover’

Do the in depth research, find out marketing platforms that can make dropshipping easy for the users. The only thing with drop shipping is that the term and the procedure is a bit over saturated and it will survive long, and here is the reason why.

The answer of the question,

Is Dropshipping Dead in 2019? Is a Big NO

Following points will provide full support to this


One of the most logical business model, drop shipping, makes it easy to function for all the parties involved. Starting from receipt of the order from the customer to the merchant, then passing it onto the wholesaler, the supplier does the packaging and sends it to the customer’s doorsteps. This, the process is a proven best business model among all and thus we are very much sure that there is no way it can die out.


The fast pacing technological environment has made people ask for the things in more flexible way, that is, everything is needed in an easy way. Drop shipping is doing this for the merchants and the customers do not even care about the other complications, the only thing having their major attention is the fast good quality and proper delivery of the product. As the model is beneficial for business owners, than it will be staying long in the online business run.


Drop shipping is a type of passive income source, this is one of the main reason why it has been gaining interest so fast and who would not want to make large amounts of money doing a very minimum amount of work?Drop Shipping,Is it Still Worth it in 2019

With ‘Seasonsway’ Drop Shipping is Not Dead

As we saw, people are naturally drawing towards the drop shipping model. The low effort and zero return business model-drop shipping is not only the buy-list and sell business, there are many more factors that make drop shipping the best choice above all. Just make sure the business of unique value proposition, and it will strive to the fullest.

Seasonsway.com is a brand name when it comes to the e commerce drop shipping websites in India. The company is a practiced seller of many best customers items, like, men and women apparels kitchenware, household items, mobile-tablets, electronic, kids products, trending gadgets and the list is very much long .With multitude of flexible payment options, Free Shipping, No Membership fees and delivery of product in 1-3 business days nationally and Internationally (t&c applicable).

Want to know more about Seasonsway Dropshipping, send us an email at support@seasonsway.com.

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