Is drop shipping legal in India?

New comer to the online business or an entrepreneur who is so eager to start up with drop shipping but stuck in the question ; Is drop shipping legal in India ? As it’s a little hard for the minds to cross the fact that the online model like this is not fraud and you will not loose your money after entering into it.

For this we must know What is Dropshipping ?

The shopping business model that allows a retailer not to buy any products by its own and whenever a customer orders the item, the retailer sends the product and shipping to the respective wholesaler or the drop shipper, then the seller company handles the whole supply chain process, delivering the product directly to the customers doorstep, i.e., in the dropshipping model the stock inventory and the shipment is done by the dropshipping company. Now let’s find out the answer for whether drop shipping is legal or illegal?

Straightaway anyone would answer, YES IT IS!!!


So budding strategists, entrepreneurs or startup owners or marketers for the businesses, Pack up your bags and start working on the plan of setting up of an online business. The very first thing you need to do is to find the products to sell. The best part of drop shipping is that retailers does not have to maintain the inventory or stock of the selling products, the only thing a retailer or merchant has to do is to research the market trends for the products in the country (India and other countries) where you want to sell.

On the basis of your market research now to proceed further create the web space and find the suppliers by online and offline mode. Rest the only thing left is to attract potential customers through social media, getting the traffic that will result in more sales.

After the order is placed by the customers, wholesaler or the drop shipper is notified. The drop shipping company labels, packages and ships the product to the customers. Retailer’s profit is the difference between the original price set by the supplier of the product, and the increased price that the merchant has set in their store. The buyer receives the product, retailer and merchants gets their share, All in All a Win –Win Happy Situation for Everyone.

This is what is the truth of dropshipping process. So did you find anything illegal in this, at any stage? With no doubt your answer will be a big NO.

Is it legal to do dropshipping with Seasonsways ?

There are many manufacturers present in the market and also numerous websites are available that are related to drop shipping and are flourishing very well. is one such business giant offering services in multiple states in India and outside.

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