Why Choose Drop Shipping ?

In simple terms drop shipping is an order fulfillment process wherein when a customer places an order online, the retailer receives the order and contacts the wholesaler or manufacturer for the ordered product, issuing a purchase order for the item and providing instructions for shipping directly to the customer. The wholesaler or seller ships the product, and the retailer earns a profit.

The vary much beauty of the drop shipping business is that the retailer does not have to store products beforehand, thus keeping a less overhead for the business owners.

Below are listed few good reasons on Why a business owner should choose drop shipping?

Wide Range Of Products To Offer

A physical store can avail only limited number of products for sale but dropshipping allows listing of many thousands products on a retailers side. For example, apparels in a boutique will be less in number than the retailers having the drop shipping arrangements.These wholesaling companies have a broad range of products matching each and every requirements of the customers.

Moreover, more products will help you cover more market and thus will work as a great marketing strategy bringing more potential customers to the online store.

Wait Times Gets Removed

The waiting time in between the product ordering till the product delivery gets reduced when a drop shipper comes into light. Drop shipping will help the merchant to reach more quickly thus, making more easy owner – customer e commerce experience.

why choose dropshipping

 New Products Exploration

Merchants can explore new less-popular products that will add up to their store inventory. Thus, may add up to their monetary benefits too.

Investment Reduction

The e-commerce start-ups or the entrepreneurs, who have big plans, don’t need to invest much money in starting an online business. Partnering with a dropshipping company will create a less overhead and expenses for the merchant or the retailer.

Increasing Scalability

Inventory is one of the major benefit in dropshipping as when a retailer enjoys a spike in demand, drop shipping makes it possible to scale quickly.

No Supply Chain Arrangements

In drop shipping the retailer does not have to worry about the storing, pulling, packing, and shipping of the products. All of these tasks are time consuming, and it now becomes the task of a dropshipping company only to take care of all the arrangements thus saving time of the merchant making them focus on more important matters of the business.

Work From Home, Vacations Or Anywhere

When handling things with dropshipping merchants are not tied to a location. The only thing they need is a charged laptop with an Internet connection and then can look after things from anywhere in the world.

Aforementioned are the few points to support Why Drop Ship? Thus we can conclude that dropshipping model provides a great base to the budding entrepreneurs and business owners, thus making a win-win situation for all. Seasonsway.com is a namesake when we talk about the best dropshipping companies of India. With No Free Member Express Shipping in 3 days or can be less on eligible orders, can be your one stop. Also, Non-members can get Free Shipping (Non -Express) on all orders.

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