How Does Drop Shipping Works?

A Beginner’s Guide

Dreaming about starting a successful business. But don’t know from where to start? Or what business to start?  Let me give you the most trusted option of these days:  Drop shipping

Also called as ‘order fulfillment’, the business model wherein the retailer doesn’t keep the stock or inventory. Instead, it purchases from the third party and is shipped directly at the consumer’s doorstep, with the help a drop ship supplier on the retailer’s behalf. Note that the drop ship supplier can also be a manufacturer or a warehouse owner of the products.

 When seen step by step, ‘How Does Drop Shipping Works?’ , goes like this:


dropshipping model

  • Order for a product is placed by the customer on the retailer’s online store.
  • The retailer automatically or manually forwards the order and customer details to the drop ship supplier.
  • The drop shipping company packages and ships the order directly to the customer in the name of the retailer.

The drop shipping model is assumed to be very much attractive as it is beneficial in so many ways, all in all benefits of Drop shipping are as follows:

Low or no Capital/Investment is needed:

Since the management of stock is not needed, therefore, no physical store location is needed, the only thing a retailer should have is a ‘laptop or computer with an internet connection’. With the trending dropshipping model, a retailer may or may not have to purchase the product unless the product has been sold or chosen by the customer. Thus, it is very much easy to start a dropshipping business with a very less amount of money.

No Supply Chain Management Worries:

The retailer or seller has not to worry about the process of packaging and shipment of the product as in dropshipping the seller organization takes care of all the supply chain process. Thus making less overhead for the retailer company.

Flexible and Scalable:

With no strings attached a retailer can operate their online e-commerce store from anywhere in the world with a laptop, electricity and an internet supply. And also, according to the needs and demands of the customers shopping store can be scaled up.

Minimum Risk:

Bad weather, fires, late delivery of the product and many more are the damages leads to the substantial amount of revenue loss. With a dropshipping company it is the duty of the organization to protect the inventory.

What is next when you know How Dropshipping Works?

The very first thing needed is a Master Plan, next is to find out the products to sell and then find the drop-shipping companies. Seasosnway is a leading name when people scour google, where to find drop shipping suppliers?

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