How Can I Start Dropshipping In India

Planning to start a new online buy-sell venture of yours? But the whole process of investment in inventory, warehouse, and procurement of logistics and then final delivery of the product is what you find tedious and daunting.However, if I would say, that you as an online retailer do not have to worry about the process and the only thing you have to worry is to collect payments or gains from everywhere.

Sounds great, isn’t it? Drop Shipping makes impossible sounding thing possible, it is the supply chain management procedure where a seller or retailer doesn’t have the stocked goods, and he directly ships the products to the customers with the help of another retailer, wholesaler or even the manufacturer of the goods.Google will show in numerous results when you search – How can I start drop shipping in India ? Below is the image showing the basic drop ship process.
dropshipping model

 Internet has made the world closer than ever by making the communication more efficient and effective and this reason why the drop shipping business is flourishing in India day by day. Reselling has become a great investment for entrepreneurs in India and worldwide.

Online business owners or sellers are choosing online e-commerce marketplace to sell their products without having to carry inventory or shipment of the products making it a low-risk business model for those who are just starting out and the best you only buy your customers products after they’ve made the purchase on your store saving you more money. The process is also called as Blind Shipment.

Now the question arises how can a seller or an entrepreneur start drop shipping in India or worldwide. In order to start drop shipping business in India the very first thing is to find a supplier in the country who can provide your online store with the drop shipping products.

This will help in getting the attention of the local market or localizing of the store inside the country and thus will increase the chances of shipment and delivery of the products to the customers on time. Seasonsway is a namesake when it comes to the search of drop ship companies in India.

Flow with the Flow of Drop Ship

how can i start dropshipping in india

Step 1- Being a retailer identify, and contact the suppliers or manufacturers for products a seller wants to sell.

Step 2- After finding a suitable supplier who drop-ships, like, the products are listed on many of the sales sites, classified sites such as, and many other online marketplaces such as, and many more.

Step 3- Now the order is directly shipped by the suppliers to the end-customers or end –buyers. The supplier gets paid by the retailer. The drop ship companies are free to fix the prices for the resale of the products and thus the profit in between is earned by the online retailer or wholesaler. And therefore it is a win – win situation for you too as a retailer, the only thing you need to do is to find the reliable dropshipers in India offering services in affordable services. Location flexibility, wide product selections and an easy start and management of the business are few basic benefits of choosing drop shipping.

A leader in the making with 24*7 customer support with 40 different lines, Seasosnway will be your one stop for all the Drop Shipping Solutions.

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