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Boy Shorts, Boy Leg Briefs 

When it comes to women boy shorts, these are the garments that are known for providing more comfort and coverage than a traditional panty. These panties have a medium rise and cover the hips and backside with delicate lace trim around the waistband and leg. These are also called as Boy legs, booty shorts, booty cuts. Today Boy shorts have become a first choice among women as they avoid displaying a prominent visible panty line, and are a modest and comfortable alternative to thongs and conventional panties.Boyshorts Online India

Perfect match with top and mini skirt

These are also popularly matched with a camisole top and worn as loungewear. Cotton-spandex , nylon ,polyester , jersey knit blends are the most popular, further the detailing includes sheer, lace, flower work , embroidered , thread work , plain ,naughty message printed , slogans written , sheer , transparent with multifarious colors ranges makes them more adorable. The full elastic waistband and tag less construction offer ultra comfort. Further, Boy shorts flatten the upper thighs area and the lower belly area, and hence, covering the least favorite body parts and lets you show off your cute navel. They also make a women torso look longer and slimmer than before, flattering her body shape. They also help a women to  cover her stretch marks  with a high waist belted style.


Different pattern in Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are basic designs made from cotton which are designed purely for the sake of comfort and utility. For something a little more feminine, boy shorts made from lace are available. There are a variety of colors in the market so those who prefer bold colors have plenty of options. You also get them in viscose and spandex material which will keep your tummy tucked in when you are wearing a dress or anything else that is fitted. Other materials that Boy Shorts are available in are Rayon, Nylon and Polyester. Seamless Boy Shorts are also available. Some designs also come with frills and other embellishments.


Boy shorts: Right blend for Sports women

Feel active best in the best pairs of Girls Bridal Boy shorts, Athletic Knickers, Shorts from the top brands which have been specifically designed make you feel comfortable when you put on this perfectly styled Boy short Underwear’s even under fitted work-out wear. We have a wide array of playful girls Boy shorts that will personify simplicity with style, leaving an impression of you being relaxed and not conscious of exposing your body. 

Women Boy shorts are modest and conservative whereas the bridal Boy legs are sensuous and flirting, further the main task which boy shorts do is they cover the entire buttocks and avoid the display of panty lines. Shop Online the seasons’ best Branded Women Boy shorts Online in India that are prefect every day wear in the best and cheap price ranges and we assure they will not only make you look slender, minimizing your body’s flaws, but also make you look super attractive and leave you feeling carefree while enjoying your times.


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