Sexy and Sensible lingerie every Indian woman should own

Indian Lingerie fashion has come a long way and there are many different styles and so much to choose from. To Build a useful, practical and elegant lingerie wardrobe , Keep reading  3 Sexy and Sensible lingerie every Indian woman should own

Must-Have 1: Something Sexy

Every women needs to have a slew of options—Panties, Bras, camisole, and nightwear—that feel truly sexy, but are also totally comfortable.No matter how much it hides , sexy lingerie makes you feel and look gorgeous and elegant. There’s nothing like the feeling of soft satin or silk satin against your skin. Feel free to mix and match colors and styles, but when doing so, make sure you stick to same fabric. Think: a complete visible bra panty set with love decoration of stone, bows and ribbon.

1- A couple colorful, see through bra & panty sets that are sexy and playful



2-A selection of fun tights, stockings, pantyhose and socks



3- A sexy black push up bra with matching panties, garter belt & sheer body stocking stockings)



Must-Have #2: Something Sensible

You know that not every style is for every body, and that’s perfectly okay. So find out styles that works for you. . Instead of emotional-buying every lingerie trend going, dressing for your body shape, rather than working against it, will ensure you’re more comfortable and confident. Get fitted for a elegant push-up bra and buy a few pairs of cute panties to match.

1- At least 1 Nude and 1 Black and 1 solid color t-shirt bra


2-A a supportive sports bra


3-An elegant chemise


Must-Have #3: Something practical

Practical lingerie push, slim, and smooth in all the right places.Also get some basic camisole in both White nude and black, ideally mid-thigh length so they can be worn with a short or long outfit. For reviling outfit choose seamfree and minimising lingerie.

1 –  Variety of seamless panties (could be in your favorite style; Hipster, Thong, Boyshorts, Bikini or Brief).


2- A strapless bra ( One size less in both band and cup sizes – for example if you normally wear a 34b, try a strapless in a 32c).



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