Why buy an argyle cashmere sweater

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A sweater may seem like too old fashioned for someone who do not know the latest in fashion. He may think that sweaters are only good for grannies or the older set. However, a sweater can be made fashionable depending of course on the kind of sweater one is going to wear.

Sweater is becoming the new must-have clothing wear not only for the older set but most especially for the new generation. Even high school and college kids have more use and preference for sweaters now especially when they are made of quality and design.

An argyle cashmere sweater is the rage in fashion nowadays and a person who owns even one argyle cashmere sweater would be praised for his good fashion sense. Some people may think that argyle designs are only good for socks but wait till they see the latest argyle cashmere sweater and they would salivate!

Wearing argyle cashmere sweaters is now popular among guys and gals and they are even thought of as sexy apparel when worn with the right pants or skirt. Argyle cashmere sweaters worn with short denim skirts can make the wearer look like a fashion plate especially if she knows how to mix it with the right accessories.

The older generation used to wear cashmere sweaters in conservative colors but the new generation wants them colorful and they even mix and match the designs with tight pants or formal slacks. While sweaters were worn loose before, cashmere sweaters are worn the sexy way now, sometime showing off a little skin on the belly or other parts of the body.

A person who wants to experiment with old and new argyle cashmere sweaters can raid the closet of his grandparents and look for sweaters that can be salvaged and turned into fashionable items for dates and just for walking around the park. These sweaters can even be used as office clothes.

The hip and known brands are also cashing in on the argyle cashmere sweaters craze by launching their own lines for both men and women. Argyle cashmere sweaters can be conservative-looking but it really is up to the wearer how he mixes and matches the sweater with accessories and the right pants or skirt to make it hip!

Wearing it too loose would make one look like a grandmother ready to do her housework while wearing it too tight can make one look indecent and uncomfortable. Use enough fashion sense to make the overall look classy and comfy.

Fashion forecasts specifically mentioned that cashmere sweaters are among the most essential components of a modern wardrobe. Take in from the fashion experts and choose the trendiest argyle cashmere sweater for casual or formal wear. The choice of color will always determine the mood that the wearer wants to project so be careful when choosing the colors combination of the argyle sweater as well as the bottom pair.

Make the choices bursting with youthful colors like purple, green, yellow to make the argyle cashmere sweater lively and un-boring! It will be great to choose belts and sash as accessories for lose sweater. Or match the main color scheme of the argyle sweater with the color of the shoes or bag. Any which way, a person can never go wrong with argyle cashmere sweaters!

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