Tips on How to Make Cashmere Sweaters Work for a Plus Size

Just because you’re blessed with a healthy appetite and a figure that was en vogue centuries ago doesn’t mean you have to throw fashion out of the window. With a little more effort on choosing your clothes’ colors, patterns, styles, and accessories, you can still go out and feel beautiful and confident about yourself. So let’s start with lesson #1: how to make cashmere sweaters work for you.

The Myth about Cashmere Sweaters and Plus Size Frames
Originally, plus size people chose to fill up their wardrobes with cashmere sweaters because they thought that it was efficient in hiding the flaws of their bodies. Worse, they deliberately purchased cashmere sweaters that were a tad bigger than their actual size for the same reason.

They were wrong of course. Cashmere sweaters and plus size frames will go together only if cashmere sweaters were of the right size. If you have a plus size frame, you’re going about the wrong way if you’re trying to hide all of your curves. The key to plus size fashion is the same as with any other body type: accentuating what you have and downplaying what you don’t.

Cashmere Plus Size Sweater and Turtlenecks
Having a plus size frame doesn’t mean you have nothing to like about your body. Let’s start with the neck area. If you have an elegantly long neck, you should emphasize this beautiful asset by wearing a cashmere plus size sweater turtleneck.

Contrary to popular opinion, turtlenecks don’t make people with long necks look like ostriches. Rather, they make people with long necks – regardless of whether or not they have a plus size frame as well – look simply better.

Go for One for Cashmere Plus Size Sweaters
Firstly, outfits that make use of one primary shade alone are always flattering to people with plus size frames. One colored outfits, instead of appearing dull or unfashionable, can actually make a person look taller and slimmer just as long they’re using the right pattern and style as well.

As such, it’s important that you choose a cashmere plus size sweater whose color is something you have a bottom (pants, skirts, or even a pair of shorts) to match in shade as well.

Secondly, one-piece outfits are also generally better for people with plus size frames. One-piece outfits include but are not limited to swimsuits, dresses, gowns, and jumpers. Thus, wearing a one-piece bathing suit is better than a bikini and so forth.

Never Forget the Loose-Tight Principle
This fashion principle applies to everyone, including plus size peoples. Earlier on, we established the need for cashmere plus size sweaters that make a perfect fit. If your cashmere plus size sweater makes a snug fit, you should consequently use a loose-fitting bottom (again, it can be anything between pants and skirts) to adhere to the loose-tight principle.

Yes to Scarves and No to Belts
Lastly, scarves are one accessory that looks exceptionally well when worn with a cashmere plus size sweater, especially if it’s considerably long. The best way to wear a scarf with your sweater is by knotting it loosely on your shoulders and letting the ends dangle softly against your body.Tips on How to Make Cashmere Sweaters Work for a Plus Size

As with belts, it’s virtually pointless to wear them if the ends of your cashmere plus size sweater will hide it completely from view. But if you do insist on wearing one, make sure that you choose tiny cute belts and not large ones as the latter detracts from your appearance.


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