3 Raymond Wardrobe Essentials for Occasion

3 Raymond Wardrobe Essentials for Occasion


Whether you are a office going fashion loving professional or a budget conscious student formal wears are the necessity of every one. Here come winters and so marriage season has begun and the 3 Raymond Wardrobe Essentials for Occasions – Suits , Shirts , Trousers are the no-1 choice of all shopping baskets.

1 Raymond Wardrobe Essentials for Occasions – Shirts

Raymond Shirts need of an Era:


Shirt is a highly sophisticated garment with the shoulders and sleeves have been finely pleated to give form-fitting trimness while allowing the wearer room to move. The small fringe formed during weaving along one edge of the cloth has been placed by the designer to decorate the neck opening and side seam. Shirt Fabrics mainly include- cambric  cotton,poplin,ramie,wool,viscose,polyester,wool,silk and many more in striped,lining,2-checks,pin stripes,3-checks,plain patterns with colors including white,off white,maroon,red,lilac,sky blue and many more.

 Raymond Trousers for all occasions :


Trousers are made from a range of fabrics- matty,worsted,wool ,barathea fabrics ,wool and wool blends, cotton, denim, khaki or flannel with plain,stripes,wrap print styles in green, mehandi  green, chocolaty, Cadbury, brown, dark grey colors and many more and we have included these fine quality trouser fabrics from the well known brand – Raymond. Try pairing these Raymond’s Trouser fabrics manufactured men’s pants, trousers with a t-shirt or polo shirt to achieve that formal, casual look or dress them up with a smarter shirt for a slightly more sophisticated style.

Today suits for men have become an integral pair for every occasion. Whether going for a business meeting, a marriage ceremony or any social gathering.In clothing, a suit is a set of garments made from the same cloth, usually consisting of at least a jacket and trousers. The variations in design, cut, and cloth, such as two- and three- piece, or single- and double- breasted, determine the social and work suitability of the garment. Often, suits are worn, as is traditional, with a collared shirt and necktie. For example, Lounge suits – also known as business suits when sober in color and style, dinner suit, part of black tie, which arose as a lounging alternative to dress coat. Suit fabrics comes in variety of features,styles and colors including champagne,dark grey,black,light grey,navy blue,anthracite,mud color,steel,brown in plain,striped pattern with pure wools, wool blended with exotic fibers like camel hair, stoffee,cashmere and angora and innovative blends of wool with polyester, linen and silk. Looking for the perfect suit fabric online for men’s, grooms, boys looks.

Seasonsway.com India largest online shopping site provides Raymond fabrics for Suits, Shirts and Trousers that are made out of finest fabrics with superior construction and sophisticated embellishments that give a rich feel and super fit.50_1_1

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