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suitingWikipedia define Men Suits as the set of garments that are made up of same cloth and usually consists of at least a jacket and a trouser. These can be worn by males in different occasions and events and depending upon the events they are named accordingly as Business Suits, Wedding Suits, Dinner suits etc. The most important element of Men suits if the Fabric. Depending upon the utility the suit fabric for Men differs in colour, texture and type of cloth. Suit fabrics for Men are broadly categorized into the Wool Fabrics and Non-Wool Fabrics.

raymond-suitings-shirtingsThe Wool fabrics are further categorized as Worsted, Tweed, Flannel, Tropical and Woollens.Cotton, Polyester, Cashmere is the examples of the non wool fabrics. In the former ones the fibres are combed before spinning to produce a smooth and a hard wearing cloth whereas in case of the later one is comparatively fluffy in texture. Further, based on the occasions and the weather conditions choose the one that suits you at its best.black-suit

Go for soft light weighted Cotton fabrics in the hot summers or you can choose worsted wools for the harsh winter days or wear something crafted in Polyester, a natural men’s suits fabric that is synthetically processed but engineered to be soft and light. Due to its lightweight and fineness, it can be worn during summers. Not only males but office going Girls and women’s are also purchasing fabrics lot in order to stitch Formal Suits for themselves.

formal-suit-fabrics-for-womenLooking for either quality fabrics, Seasonsway.com has lined up a wide array of Suit Fabrics for Men from the house of Raymond, the brand that is popular fir providing greatest styles and impeccable fits from its top class Suiting and Shirting’s Range. Make a one time Investment in classic style with an up scale quality Raymond Suitings & Shirting Fabrics for Men, Boys and Grooms and for Womens, Ladies and Girls ranging from pure wools, wool blended with men-suitingsexcellent fibres like camel hair, stoffee, cashmere and angora and the innovative blends of wool with polyester, linen and silk fabrics or materials in grey, check, black, beige, lining features, styles and colors for weddings, ceremonies, proms and other formal events.raymond-suitings

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